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MC602 Tower Crane Zoning & Anti Collision System



The MC602 is an anti collision and zoning system designed to prevent cranes from flying over forbidden zones or colliding with one another when multiple cranes are present on the job site.

This system can detect the angle, weight of load lifted and ground radius of your crane. The crane is fitted with multiple sensors for each of the measured parameters which are then displayed in the operator’s cabin to keep them informed. Designed to help prevent accidents, as a situation becomes increasingly unsafe, the MC602 will slow down movement while warning the operator of any danger. These movements will then be decreased and eventually stopped to avoid collision with another crane or flying over a forbidden zone.

The MC602 can be custom-built to fit your needs. Depending on the sensors you choose it can perform more or less functions.

  • Crane anti collision monitoring
  • Zone monitoring
  • Graphic display of forbidden areas and interfering cranes in real time
  • Calibration done directly on head unit (no extra tool necessary)
  • Secondary display available for control and use of system from the bottom of the crane
  • Communication between several cranes by wire or radio transmission
  • Black box available to record critical events
  • Override (bypass) detection
  • Optional load, wind speed, hook height and moment status available in real time
  • Manage up to 16 interfering cranes
  • Optional supervisor software available to remotely monitor cranes in real time over the internet

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