Key Benefits of the Cranserco Crane Inspection Service

  • Ensure that cranes are compliant to Safety Standards and OEM recommendations.
  • This is a value add program; carrying out Cranserco's crane inspection will help insure faulty components are identified and allow parts and service to be arranged. This will prevent unscheduled downtime on critical jobs improving safety, customer satisfaction and reducing unscheduled costs.
  • Drive a disciplined maintenance regime to make sure the cranes are ready to use when required.
  • Independent 3rd Party Inspection - Recommended inspection is every 12 months.
  • Common industry wide system for assessment of their cranes.
  • Mobile crane inspection services is based on CICA's CraneSafe assessment program was developed to augment safety standards with routine inspections to a wide range of mobile cranes.
  • Allows crane owners to fulfill their duty of care obligations towards the safe use and operation of their cranes.
  • Crane inspections will provide crane owners with a program to improve overall maintenance procedures on their equipment and ensure the cranes are ready to perform when required.

Crane Inspections for all Crane Makes & Models

Inspections of the Cranes Will Include the Following Key Areas:
  • Boom sections
  • Ropes
  • Power train
  • Chassis/frames
  • Hydraulics
  • Winches
  • Slewing gear/motors
  • Electrics
  • Control systems
  • Cabs
  • Pneumatics
  • Suspension
  • Wheel groups/tracks
  • LMI / RC Indicators
Crane Inspection Costs
  • All Cranes     Rp18.0m

  • Crane Inspection
  • Inspection Report
  • Recommendations
  • COVID Swap Tests
  • Travel & Accommodation
  • Washing Crane
  • Repair Work during Inspection