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RCI-1550 Hardwired Display

LSI RCI-1550


  • Designed for the operator
  • Suits all crane types
  • Extensive load chart memory
  • Comprehensive fault reporting
  • Simple calibration techniques
  • Data-logging
  • Plug-in cables
  • CE certification
  • Back-lit display for night operation
  • Fully tested against temperature, humidity and vibration
  • Incorporates Anti-Two-Block
  • Multiple load sensing
  • Internationally recognised certification
  • The RCI-1550 utilises industry-proven external sensors.
  • Designed for maximum versatility, the RCI-1550 can monitor up to four load inputs, three angle and three potentiometer style inputs (ie: length, slew etc.)
  • Up to eight switch imputs and outputs can be used.
  • Central Processing Unit has ample capacity for data storage, such as load charts, calibration and data-logging.
  • Extensive transient protection testing has been performed to ensure faultless operation under severe climatic conditions such as lightning.
  • Functionality can be enhanced by the incorporation of optional modules for special applications.
  • The enclosures are suitable for all applications in harsh environments - IS barriers can be added for hazardous area marine applications.
  • As the 1550's system is so flexible, please contact a Robway Safety Systems representative for information about configurations for your specific applications. Specifications may vary without notice.
  • Conforms to BS7262 and all known legislation requirements world-wide, including Central Europe Norm Standards.





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