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Fluid Contamination Control Technologies

When?s the last time you saw a product that made a SERIOUS positive difference to your equipment life and integrity?

FilterMag® fluid contamination control systems reduce wear, increase reliability and extend equipment life.  All of these add up to reduced cost of operation.  Typical applications include:

  • Spin on oil filters for diesel or gas engines
  • Hydraulic fluid filtration for mobile or plant needs
  • Mobile of fixed transmissions, gearboxes, differentials & final drives
  • Diesel fuel filtration

WHY FILTERMAG®WORKS:  If lubrication were perfect, nothing would wear out.   Lubrication reduces friction and wear but in our imperfect world any two parts moving against each other will create friction and cause wear.

Within the tight clearances of a modern engine, wear generates tiny steel particles that are carried away in the oil. These particles are so small they will pass right through any oil filter. 

When the oil circulates back into the engine these same particles are carried back into every lubricated clearance space in the engine. This particle-laden oil will continue to lubricate but it will also cause an exponential increase in wear while it circulates. The effect is the same as introducing steel grit into your oil.

BUSINESS CASE: How much does it cost to replace the hydraulic fluid or engine oil in your equipment fleet?    Weather you change fluids once a  week or once a quarter, removing particle contamination will dramatically extend the life of your fluids and the systems they service.  Your own oil analysis will show FilterMag paying for itself in days or weeks depending on your fluid change intervals.

FILTERMAG REDUCES YOUR OPERATING COSTS WHILE PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT.  Our patented contamination control technology is completely transferable from old to new equipment.  Buy it once.  It takes less than 30 seconds to install it.  Our system makes it that simple. FilterMag is a one time investment that will provide a lifetime of protection.


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