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GS075-B Wireless A2B Switch



  • The GS075-B Anti-Two-Block Weight & Chain Assembly offers users the classic method of hanging the A2B switch from the boom tip, users add a separate weight and chain to the switch assembly
  • The GS075-B Wireless Anti 2 Block Switch can be adapted  from the standard GS075 using a PB312 adaptor frame kit
  • Failsafe design: The GS075 A2B Switch sends an immediate alarm if the battery is removed or if radio communication is lost
  • The radio and switch mechanism are incorporated into the weight assembly which allows for unlimited chain length
  • No locking clip is required for over the road travel as the A2B Switch will go to sleep 5 minutes after the display is turned off-this will conserve battery life
  • Direct Sequence-Spread Spectrum-Two Way Communication for maximum long range performance
  • Transmission Range: 4,000 feet; 1,300 meters
  • Ships as standard with "D" Cell lithium battery, average 4 years of battery life
  • Replaceable parts include: electronics module, flexible antenna, mechanical switch assembly and piston assembly
  • Separate o-ring sealed battery compartment with captive screws
  • Potted electronics and boot sealed piston assembly for increased water proof protection
  • A2B Switch bracket design allows for easy addition and removal of A2B Switch from boom tip (Older LSI system switch mounting brackets can be utilized with this system)
  • Optional CSA Class 1, Div 1 version available






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