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Dec 14, 2012

One challenge was the project’s requirement that the lifts and crane set up did not interrupt production. This condition required an elaborate plan that had to be followed meticulously in order to successfully replace the whey tanks in the required timeframe. As if that was not enough, the jobsite conditions made things even more difficult:

In order to prepare the crane with the configuration for the upcoming lift, the Felbermayr team set up the AC 1000 with a boom length of 29.2 meters by extending telescopic segments two and three while leaving segments one and four completely retracted. Following this, the team installed a 60-meter luffing fly jib in order to attain the required reach of 52 to 54 meters and a hook height of 70 meters. Finally, 208 tonnes of counterweight was added. “We were able to dispense the need of bringing additional counterweight for an SSL configuration, since the AC 1000’s lifting capacity with this configuration was more than enough for this project,” explains crane operator Wolfgang Korch. “I am very impressed with the AC 1000 – especially how easy the crane was to control, operate, set up, and disassemble.”

The Felbermayr team repeated this exact same procedure on the four Fridays between August 3rd and August 24th, 2012, allowing production at Sachsenmilch GmbH to go undisturbed. Felbermayr project manager Steffen Wenk gave a positive report of the project: “The crane performed flawlessly, on top of that, it has extraordinary handling characteristics for its enormous size, even when space is tight and difficult to maneuver around. The AC 1000 was an ideal crane for this project and showed us what it’s made of.”

The nine-axle Terex AC 1000 is the world’s most powerful all-terrain crane that can travel on public roads with its 50 meter main boom on.The AC 1000 is available with a 50 or 100-meter main boom, which is equipped with a patented, open nose sheave that makes it particularly easy to attach additional boom segments.  This allows short rigging times to reach 100 meter lifting height.The ergonomically designed crane cab, which can be tilted 20° backwards, is equipped with an integrated IC-1 touchscreen control system. This system allows operators to have quick access to important information such as wind speed, wind direction, hook load, rated lifting capacity, reach, boom length, and calculated and actual outrigger loads by simply tapping the screen.

The Terex® AC 80-2

About Felbermayr

The fact that the transportation and lifting equipment industry and the construction industry complement each other so well has enabled Felbermayr to establish a successful position on the market as a full-service provider in both segments for years now.

Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer of a broad range of equipment that is focused on delivering reliable, customer-driven solutions for many applications, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utility and manufacturing industries. Terex reports in five business segments: Aerial Work Platforms; Construction; Cranes; Material Handling & Port Solutions; and Materials Processing. Terex offers financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of equipment through Terex Financial Services. More information can be found at


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