Manufacturer Model YOM Upper Hours KM Capacity Drive/Steering Main Boom -m- Boom ext -m- Lufting jib -m- Fixed jib -m-
Terex - DemagChallenger 31602014 25.813556x4x610.3m-50m   
PPMATT 400199817.069198.572354x4x49.5m - 30.4m8m -15m  
DemagCC 2400-120125.250 400duo114m 60m (SW)LF2 12m
DemagTC 3200199512.70050.000500 90m 90m 
DemagAC 50-12007 72.202506x6x640m9.2m  
DemagCC 2800-1200813.840 600Quattro78m-138m12m(LF2)prep 
DemagCC 2802004  80duo18m-42m 16m-25m 
LiebherrLTM 1300200310.521 30012x8x1015m - 60m12.1m - 21m  
Terex - DemagAC 50-120064.730 506x6x610.1m-40m9.2m-17.6m  
GroveGMK 4100L20098.198317.4601008x6x811.65m-60m17m  
DemagCC 2800-120143.621 600duo84m 84m 
DemagCC 1500200523.366 300duo18m - 84m 18m - 60m1.5m Runner(24t)
PPMATT 400200017.839 35 30.4m8m  
LiebherrLTM 1070-4.1200514.960119.802708x6x811m-50m9.5m-16m  
Terex - DemagChallenger 31602016 42.796556x4x610.3m - 50m   
LiebherrLR 1400-1200022.334 400 63m 80m1.5m (36t)
Demag AC 40/22008 144.647404x4x430m8m  
DemagCC 2400-120172.262 400duoSSL/LSL (S1) 114m  12m LF
Terex - DemagAC 40/2-L2007  35 37.4m8m  
DemagAC 1000-920171.6705.266100018x8x1817.3m - 100m16m24m-126m2.5m
DemagCC 2500-1201110.843 500Quattro36m - 84m 24m-84m 
Terex DemagAC 250-120115.42224.35925012x8x1014.5m-80m10m-20m  
Terex DemagAC 700200661128.165km70018x8x1660m20m-50m24m-96m 
DemagAC 100 2007  10010x8x812.5m - 50m9.2m - 17m  
DemagAC 50-120035.09693.206506x6x610.1m-40m9.2m-17.6m  
DemagAC 200-12008  20010x8x812.4m-67.89m-17m  
DemagAC 500-220102.60054.00050016x8x1456m30m90m62m
Terex - DemagChallenger 316020146.47370.868556x4x610.3m-50m   
DemagCC 2800-1200617.949 600Duo36m-84m  2m Runner (60t)
DemagAC 10020087.488 10010x8x812.5m - 50m9.2m - 17m  
Terex - DemagChallenger 316020164.96743.452556x4x610.3m-50m   
DemagAC 200-1200810.04211.81320010x8x812.4m-67.8m9m-17m  
LiebherrLTM 1055-3.120133.73598.457606x6x640m   
DemagCC 2800-1   600 S7-Kit 48mJip Top 2724/2421 LF2 12m


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