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Pick & Carry Cranes

Terex® pick & carry cranes live up to their name with the strength and easy operation to pick up heavy loads and the steering flexibility to move in tight spaces.
Their high road speeds get them to the jobsite quickly, and because the articulated frame needs no outriggers, you can get set up and working almost immediately.
The Terex Pick and Carry Cranes incorporate many features which enhance safety, driver ergonomics and improve machine operations.

ProductMaximum lifting capacity, t (US tons) Maximum boom length, m (ft)Maximum tip height, m (ft)
AT-15-3 15 (17) 17.9 (59) 18 (59)
AT- 20-3 20 (22) 17.9 (59) 18.2 (59.7)
MAC 25-3 25 (27) 18.4 (60) 19.4 (63.6)



  • Built for comfort as well as hard work the cabin offers a spacious interior, a binnacle type dashboard, pilot operated hydraulics and a digital load indicator.
  • Both the hydraulic oil and fuel tank have been integrated around the 6 cylinder turbo charged and intercooled engine in the rear body, with the latest design in adjustable wear pads and boom structure up front.
  • With this machine you have the power, finesse and versatility to lift almost anything anywhere.


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