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Load Moment Indicator



    • The LSI LMI is designed for proportional and non-proportional hydraulic cranes
    • The LSI LMI features two pressure transducers that read the rod and bore side pressures of the hydraulic lift cylinders
    • The typical load accuracy is 1% error of maximum capacity
    • LSI Cable Reels feature a radio transmitter that will transmit boom length and boom angle wirelessly to the LSI GS820 Display
    • The LSI GS010 Angle Sensor is self-leveling, which eliminates the need to do a span calibration when setting up the system
    • The LSI GS820 Display also has the option to monitor the LSI Slew Sensor and Work Area Definition Software
    • Users can choose between the 32ft (10m) LSI GS110 Mini Cable Reel and the 140ft (43m) LSI GS112 Cable Reel
    • The GS110 Mini Cable Reel has a very small footprint and is designed for proportional booms (This allows the cable reel cable to be terminated at the end of the first telescoping section and reduces cable breakage)
    • The LSI Wireless Anti-2-Block Switch allows for a stronger cable than our competitors because the cable does not need to move an A2B signal
    • OEM crane manufacturers will enjoy the ability to clone an initial system calibration and upload the calibration data to additional displays using each display’s onboard USB port (This will allow for a fast calibration of each subsequent system)
    • The GS820 Display can handle in excess of 3,500 pages of load charts
    • The GS820 Display provides a standard built in data logger with the ability to record 32,000 events (The data logger can be easily downloaded to a USB drive)

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