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Telescopic Crawler Cranes


We offer a three model range telecrawlers TCC40, TCC 45 and TCC60, rated at 42t, 44t and 60t.

By doing general duties on all kinds of construction sites and erection type projects telecrawlers are an alternative to Rough Terrain Crane. Often they replace bigger cranes because of less distance to the lift. Short setup times, flexible boom lengths, pick and carry charts provide an excellent operational flexibility.

For easy transportation the crawlers can be retracted / folded to the chassis.

ProductNominal Capacity, kg (US tons)Max. Load Moment, mtMax Sheave Height with Jib, m (ft)
TCC 40 42 (46) 133 35.4 (116)
TCC 45 44 (48) 132 45,4 (149)
TCC 60 60 (66) 199 46,4 (152)



  • Loads can be telescoped due to full power booms
  • Cummins Engines turbocharged with intercooler
  • Hydrostatic Transmission / drive
  • Profiled track shoes to walk in poor ground conditions
  • Cold engine starting kits (optional)
  • Main boom extensions, off settable
  • Rooster sheaves
  • Climate controlled cabin (air con / heaters)


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