Manufacturer Model YOM Upper Hours KM Capacity Drive/Steering Main Boom -m- Boom ext -m- Lufting jib -m- Fixed jib -m-
Terex - DemagAC 100200713.26586.51810010x6x850,2m17m  
Terex - DemagAC 40 City200418.439221.169406x6x631,2   
GroveGMK 5170200812.11065.97417010x6x1064m18m  
SennebogenStar Lifter 550020163.612 180 74,7m 52,3m4,25m
LiebherrLTM 1200-5.120118.27448.800200 72m22m--
Terex - DemagAC 160-22013846106.56816010x8x813,1m - 64mPreparation--
TerexChallenger 31802016  606x6x650m16m--
Terex - DemagChallenger 31602012 50.818556x6x650m   
Terex - DemagCC 2400-120125.250 400duoSSL/LSL 114  LF2 12m
DemagTC 3200199312.70050.000500 90m 72m6m runner
LiebherrLG 155020086.39620.330550 63m 63m 
DemagCC 2800-120144.591 600Duo84m-84m-
Terex - DemagTC 2800-120132.66016.00960016x8x1672m SH 60m SW 
Terex - DemagEX 58002013 37.32022010x6x1012,7 - 70m21m  
Terex - DemagCC 2800-1200813.840 600Quattro138m SSL/LSL  LF 12m
Terex - DemagCC 280200415.623 80duo42m 25m 
Terex - DemagAC 1000-920171.0101.4601200 17,3m - 100m16m126m2.5m
Terex - DemagEX 560020154.97014.39016010x6x1012.4m - 68m11m - 21m  
Terex - DemagAC 100/4L2011  100 59.4m19m 


Whenever you use Cranserco supplied equipment, you get efficient, powerful and reliable machines that help you accomplish any task within budget and on time. From mobile Cranes to Lighting Towers, we have the tools for you.

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