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Facility Lighting Solutions

Merlin Equipment is a LED lighting solutions provider with expertise in a variety of heavy duty and industrial applications. Merlin Equipment offers a complete range of heavy-duty LED lights that are known for their durability, reliability and can withstand harsh environments. Only world-class components are selected, and our LED lights are manufactured to a high standard to ensure worldwide certifications. Merlin Equipment’s headquarters is located in Singapore, where we are well positioned to support our international customers.

The LED lighting solutions are specifically designed for each particular piece of equipment, not just a generic light head. We engineer specific lighting models to reduce or eliminate unscheduled maintenance, reduce amperage draw to minimize wear on associated equipment, and increase light output on the work area while reducing glare to peripheral equipment. The increase in equipment availability will lead to greater productivity of your operations and provide a safer working environment at the same time. By using LED lights, your overall owning and operating cost will reduce as the life span rating of the LED lights are 50,000 hours, which translates to few replacements and reduced maintenance intervals and overall maintenance time.

  • No effect on human eye or skin: IEC 62471 Photo biological tested
  • Reduces operator fatigue: 6000k Color temperature
  • Eliminates risk of shock: Low-voltage electronics
  • Eliminates touch burns: Thermally-regulated housing
  • Reduces near-miss incidents: Increased light output
  • Contain no lead or mercury: ROHS Compliant electronics

  • Completely resist vibration: Solid-state components
  • Reduces wear on associated components: Low inrush current at start-up
  • Lessens chance of full-fixture failure: Built-in redundancy
  • Uninterrupted fixture function and overheat protection: Built-in thermal management
  • Superior ingress protection: IP69K-rated housings

  • Reduces associated component wear
  • Less expensive than OE and HID options
  • Increased reliability and longevity for increased production
  • Reduces or removes unscheduled maintenance of lighting
  • Increased productivity due to less operator fatigue
  • Streamline inventory counts to standard solution

  • ROHS-Compliant electronics
  • Contains no lead or mercury
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • No hazardous disposal required

Lighting Solution Process

Our engineers work closely with customers to ensure that the right LED lighting solutions are configured to the exact needs of your site and equipment. This simplifies the product selection and allows you to know before purchasing what each light package will do for you. Letting you know in confidence that the lights will meet all the OSHA/MSHA and any other requirements that you may need. When working on LED lighting solutions all customer environment factors are taken into consideration as well; these factors could include operating equipment in highly corrosive environments to providing solutions for foggy environments. We can provide solutions that go beyond standard LED products; this includes a LED light with an embedded camera, which is ideal to use as a reversing light and can also be utilized in a security application. Also, our engineers continuously look for ways to increase productivity, reduce owning and operating cost through lower energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Dont hesitate to contact our engineers at to discuss your LED lighting requirements or if you need further information. Click on the brochures below to view our catalogs.

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