MHL 340

MHL 340

A top performer in the recycling business

With its substantial reach and high load capacity, the Terex® Fuchs MHL 340D is among the top recycling and scrap handling models in the world. Its rock-solid stability and tough boom design ensure safety in the most extreme situations. Dual-circuit hydraulics with low power dissipation ensure that slewing maneuvers are as swift and powerful as they are precise.

Alongside its extreme ruggedness, the machine boasts a powerful and cost-efficient turbo diesel engine and a high-performance cooling system that typifies its technical excellence. The powerhouse’s safe and ergonomic controls are located in a hydraulic-lift cab, and the state-of-the-art plain-text display and panoramic windows ensure that the operator is always firmly in control.

MHL 340D brochure (PDF, ~ 1,4 MB)
MHL 340D brochure (Online View)

MHL 340E technical datasheet (PDF, ~ 2 MB)
MHL 340E technical datasheet (Online View)

MHL 340E technical datasheet in Spanish (PDF, ~ 2 MB)
MHL 340E technical datasheet in Italian (PDF, ~ 2 MB)

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